Who  I am?

  • I'm just a Sushi chef!

Where is my place ?

  • in every kitchen!

Why I do this?

  • There is no fun in life without food!

My motto:

perfect sushi doesn't exist but we still try to find perfection!


I start this dream job like any young cook with big dreams and no experince.It was fascinate how I can prepare a raw fish to be so delicious.And  to have the possibility  to discover with every cut  a new taste a new recipe.

My first teacher Tsuchiya Naofumi present me the japanese cusine .

 After that I have stepped into the  next level ,creating every day,study and making my own style of nigiri ,cuting and develop my own style of rolls. 

 And when I was thought I know allmost everything about  sushi I have meet Ogawa Hirotoshi.

  A real sushi master ,study with him was like a puzzle so incredible and motivating ,he was that kind of Chef which give you, your full potential.

 All become more easy to create,the rice ,cutting fish,rolling ,secrets how to obtain the best taste of sushi(rice vinegar,wich part of fish you can use for rolls,sashimi,uramaki,how to made a japanese omlet ,and more).


My name is Marius

I'm making sushi for over ten  years.

From the beginning I was sure this will be the only job.




stay with  me for more information about my events !



  • body sushi ( a nice oriental dinner on a women or man's body)

  • sushi master at you service  (surprise you partner with a nice dinner for two or for the whole  family a sushi maister will cook for you in privacy of your house )

  • catering (sushi delivery at your address)

  • live sushi  (a sushi  master will cook for your party including  one Geisha )

  • sushi cook course (you will learn the secrets of sushi direct from a Itamae)


We provide full-service sushi catering, party planning and event management services for corporate entertaining, galas and social events, weddings, receptions and business breakfast/luncheons. 

An experienced event planner custom designs each menu and coordinates both the decor and food presentation for your event. All of our food is prepared from the freshest ingredients specialty food growers and purveyors around the country. Dragut Sushi Exclusive Sushi has the imagination and expertise to make the event sensational.

Our sushi is rolled by hand ,using the most fine and delicious ingredients in order to offer you one of the amaizing experience . One of the best Itamae from  Austria ,cut ,slice,roll in front of you ,and serve you a small part of Japan .



Dragut Sushi Exclusive Catering

Eisenhandstraße 10, 4020 Linz

sushiforfun@gmail.com  |  Tel: +43 6766221730

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   Few things about sushi

  •       We can say sushi is a kind of art.You need  a lot of patience and passion and you can create true food art.

  •       Sushi was discover accidentally in XIX  century.

  •       Ginger it is a plant usually served between two types of sushi.She will clean your mouth so you can feel better the next piece of sushi.

  •      Normally when you eat sushi you start with the white fish and finish with the red one because of the strong flavor.

  •       It is considered bad behavior to eat sushi with a fork and knife .If you can not use chopsticks better you serve sushi with your hands .That's way a lots of restaurants give you hot towels.

  •       Wasabi it's a Japanese plant .She need almost 1.5 years to grow .That's way it is very expensive and only the  top restaurant   are using her.

  •        For japanese an Itamae  must  study years so can became a master.

  •        There it's no important and less important  thinks in art of sushi every step it is important to create a whole.

  •        California roll was invented by american's and you can put what you want between nori and rice